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What We're About

It all started with one question — "What would a movement to fight the global water crisis look like in central Pennsylvania?" — that has since transformed into a national movement. 

Our movement is unique because we don't just combat the global water crisis, but we equip and empower youth around the country to be the changemakers leading the charge. We are comprised of ambitious students who are eagerly activating our communities to join the fight. 


Students learn invaluable leadership and communication skills.

Communities unite around a cause that everyone can get behind.

Developing communities get access to sustainable clean water sources.

Everyone wins when we Walk for Clean Water.  

How We Do It

Walk for Clean Water thrives as a collaborative effort within a collective global movement, mobilizing students to leverage the diverse strengths of their local communities to aid communities abroad. This strategy is unprecedented.


Walk for Clean Water and its nonprofit partner, Thirst Project, understand that American communities become engaged stakeholders when businesses, students, and families are all given hands-on opportunities to experience the water crisis and contribute towards fighting it.

The ultimate hands-on experience? A Walk for Clean Water. We equip and prepare student leaders to launch community-based walks that represent the journey taken by millions every day. Not your average charity fundraiser, these state-of-the-art events each raise thousands of dollars in an epic celebration that unites people from all walks of life.

The big idea? When we join together — as students, parents, businesses, communities — we truly have the power to tackle our world's biggest issues.    

Michael Miller
Executive Director, Co-Founder
A passionate advocate for clean water, Michael started activating his community to fight the water crisis during his junior year of high school. Since then, his fundraisers have raised over $45,000, earning him Thirst Project's 2017 Power of Youth Award and the opportunity to visit communities given clean water in the African country of Swaziland. Now a sophomore studying business at Penn State University, Michael works with students around the country to help empower them to launch clean water fundraisers.   
Erica Wang
Executive Director, Co-Founder
Erica is a powerful force in the fight against the global water crisis. Since her junior year of high school, she's rallied her community to raise over $45,000, earning her Thirst Project's 2017 Power of Youth Award and the opportunity to visit communities given clean water in the African country of Swaziland. Now a sophomore studying business at Duke University, Erica uses her experience to coach and empower students across the country to launch successful clean water fundraisers of their own.